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With separate interviews with The Virginian Pilot and WRAL, Jack Levin attempts to make sense of the random slashings occurring across New York City

Jack Levin provides insight to the recent murders in Deep Creek, VA for the Virginian Pilot

Jack Levin reviews the recent Craigslist murders in the Washington Post and increase in stranger homicides due to the anonymity that the popular website provides.

Scientist Related to Killers Learns He Has a Psychopath’s Brain, review by Jack Levin for abcNews November 2013

In USA Today, Jack Levin explains how four mass killings in four days in December 2013 show how random murder can be

Jack Levin explains the “Thrill Kill Theory” to the Toronto Metro in October 2013

Following the mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, Jack Levin explains the motivations of mass shooters for McClatchy Washington Bureau in September 2013

Jack Levin discusses the 2012 Colorado killers divergence from the standard profile of a mass murderer on WEEI 93.7 radio.

Jack Levin writes a blog post for the Huffington Post following the mass shooting in a Colorado movie theater in July 2012

Writing for the Boston Globe, Jack Levin talks about various ways to prevent school shootings.

In the Crime pages for the Huffington Post online Jack Levin promotes the role of resource officers in schools.

In the Politics section of the Huffington Post, Professor Levin discusses how to prevent the next mass murder.