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Understanding and Measuring Bias Victimization Against Latinos

Project Summary:

Studies of bias-motivated crimes perpetrated against Latinx immigrants or those who are perceived to be immigrants face challenges of population access and data collection. In this project, the research team conducted a longitudinal survey of bias-motivated victimization against Latinx individuals in the United States. The primary goal of this research is to understand the prevalence of bias-motivated victimization against Latinx individuals.

Project Description:

This project is a longitudinal study surveying roughly 900 Latinx adults across three communities in the US on their experiences of hate crimes and bias victimization. The research team collected data on individual experiences of bias victimization over the past year. The study determined the rate at which Latinx adults experience hate crimes and other forms of victimization, the degree to which bias victimization survivors seek formal and informal help, and the subsequent mental health impact of these experiences. 

Research is being funded by the National Institute of Justice and conducted in partnership with University of Massachusetts Lowell and the University of Texas Medical Branch. A team of doctoral, masters and undergraduate students work with the principal investigators on this project.

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