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Sarah Lockwood

Criminology and Justice Policy, PhD

Sarah Lockwood is a doctoral candidate at Northeastern University. Sarah holds a B.A in Psychology and B.S in Criminology from the University of South Florida, and received her Master’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Northeastern. Her interest centers on the role of victimization on individual outcomes, with emphasis on how victims intersect with formal institutions such as police and health institutions. She is specifically interested in how victim outcomes change due to the responses of these formal institutions, including barriers to access, stigma to seeking help, or reluctance to engage with formal institutions among vulnerable communities. Her work on victimization has included examining crimes against vulnerable populations, particularly regarding sex trafficking and hate crime. While working as a graduate researcher in the Center on Crime, Race and Justice, she has contributed to six National Institute of Justice grants, including one most recently examining the health and wellness needs of minor sex trafficking victims, and another exploring the criminal justice and health care needs of Latinx victims of hate and bias victimization. Through the center, she has also become a research consultant for the Children’s Advocacy Center of Suffolk County, researching residential placement options for commercially exploited or trafficked youth. Her dissertation focuses on the framing and public response to male victims of sex trafficking. In Spring 2023, she was awarded the Outstanding Graduate Researcher Award for Northeastern University.

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