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Upcoming Event: “Improving Serious Injury Tracking and Reporting in New York City Jails”

The Center on Crime, Race, and Justice presents “Improving Serious Injury Tracking and Reporting in New York City Jails,” featuring keynote speaker Bart Baily, Director of Violence Prevention with the New York City Board of Correction.

Thursday, January 19, 2023
5: 00 PM
Renaissance Park room 909

For decades, violence and unsafe conditions have plagued the New York City jail system, resulting in thousands of serious injuries to people in custody. Despite the importance that injury data holds, NYC Department of Correction has long been troubled by poor accountability and indifference, which in turn has led to a significant underreporting of serious injuries.

This presentation will examine current injury reporting oversight work by the New York City Board of Correction, a civilian oversight agency. Using the New York City jail system as a case study, we can better understand the compound variables that contribute to injuries in a correctional setting, including violence, self-harm, excessive force, neglect, structural disrepair, and over incarceration.

This in-person presentation is complimentary but registration is required.

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