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Max White and Cara Marta Messina (PhD ’21) Win CSSH Outstanding Teaching Awards

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headshots of Cara Marta Messina and Max White

Max White and Cara Marta Messina (PhD ’21) have been selected for the College of Social Sciences and Humanities 2020-2021 Outstanding Teaching Award. From Max’s award announcement:

“With this award, the college celebrates your student-centered approach that fosters introspection and collaboration and your innovative professional writing assignments. The awards committee…particularly notes your teaching philosophy, which views writing as a social activity that keeps audience analysis at the center of the learning process, encouraging lifelong learning.”

From Cara’s award announcement:

“With this award, the college acknowledges and celebrates your emphasis on student empowerment and student-centered learning with a strong commitment to justice…The committee also praises your leadership in the college and university—from creating workshops that support your colleagues’ move to online teaching to carefully crafting a digital teaching dossier, as well as serving as an assistant to the writing program.”

The award winners will be recognized for their achievement at the college’s virtual Faculty and Staff Celebration on April 22nd and invited to serve on next year’s award committee. Please join us in congratulating Cara and Max on their outstanding efforts!

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