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NU Writing Publishes New Issue: Antiracism and Justice

NU Writing, a digital, open-access journal hosted through the Northeastern University Writing Program, has published its 2021 issue on “Antiracism and Justice.” From the journal’s website:

“For this issue, we chose “Antiracism and Justice” to invite Northeastern writers who are already invested in antiracist praxis and imagining how to restructure unjust systems. We define antiracism as dismantling racist institutions — educational, social, government, economic, and health — in order to prioritize racial justice and equity. Antiracism is an ongoing commitment in our individual, community, professional, and organizational practices to abolish racist systems and policies. The main goal of anti-racism is to reshape systems, but this work is crucial in our homes and everyday lives.”

(excerpt from “Note from the Editors”)

While NU Writing has only published compositions written for First-Year Writing or Advanced Writing in the Disciplines in previous years, this year’s submissions were open to compositions written for any undergraduate Northeastern course across the disciplines and colleges. Read the full issue on the NU Writing journal website.

Featured image: “Forsaken” by Ebelechiyem Anuoluwatele Okafor

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