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NU Writing Publishes 2022 Issue

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Over the past two years, we have been confronted by great loss, cultural reckonings, and the challenge to adapt – but we have also been given an opportunity to reflect, rethink our priorities, and redefine our standards. Thus, the theme this year is renewal. We encouraged writers to submit compositions that engage with our theme through notions of growth, shifts, new beginnings, regeneration, rebirth, change, metamorphosis, futurity, second chances, and mid-pandemic insights. With these submissions came a stunning willingness to be vulnerable and to write from experience. We honor the deeply personal nature of the contemporary cultural moment and are proud to follow the 2020-2021 issue on Antiracism and Justice by amplifying models of self-discovery, coping, and of course, learning. We hope you enjoy and learn from these works as we have this year.

NU Writing Editorial Board: Sofia Caruso, Kyle Kirshen, Arielle Lee, Ya-Chi Christie Lee, Victor Silva, Tula Singer, Maurin Stubbs, Ashley Varghese.
Editor-in-Chief: Rachel Elvira Molko

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