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Experiential learning for English graduate students encompasses a wide variety of activities, from experiential fellowships for PhD students, to scholarly research for MA and PhD students, to career exploration for MA students through co-op. Speak to the Graduate Program Director or the Graduate Program Administrator for more information.

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    The Experiential PhD. The Experiential PhD gives PhD students in College of Social Sciences and Humanities opportunities to collaborate with, and work in, arts and education organizations, local and state agencies, non-profits and businesses in the Boston area and beyond. PhD students who take advantage of this opportunity are able to meaningfully engage with community partners, integrate research experiences directly into their own scholarly agenda, learn skills to communicate the results of research to the public, explore career paths outside academia, and prepare for jobs in universities and colleges of the twenty-first century.

    The Experiential PhD
    A student works on a laptop next to graffiti created by Jef Aerosol, an internationally renowned stencil artist, on the steps of the Richardson Plaza clock tower
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    Cooperative education for MA students. In Northeastern’s signature co-op ecosystem, MA students undertake six-month research and work experiences with businesses, non-profits, and government agencies in Boston, across the United States, and around the world. Students take an experiential integration course while on co-op to help them reflect on their experiences as they relate to their scholarly work or research interests. Co-op for English MA students can take place in a variety of relevant fields, such as editorial and publishing work, libraries and archives, arts organizations, law offices, and more. English MA students interested in co-op are encouraged to plan ahead and discuss their eligibility with the English Co-op Advisor and Graduate Program Director.

    Master's Co-Op
    A silhouetted student walks past the windows in Dockser Hall
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    Research Opportunities for MA Students. Master’s students who qualify for work-study may apply directly through the Student Employment website to work as a research assistant for a professor. MA students can also fulfill their optional co-op experience by conducting research for a faculty member at Northeastern or elsewhere. Students seeking this option should first identify a professor who is working on a topic that they are interested in and qualified to assist with before presenting a plan to the co-op advisor. Our faculty are leading exciting projects and working with affiliated centers on research year-round.

    Student Employment
    Ongoing Faculty-Led Research Projects
    • Women Writers Project - Julia Flanders
    • Pandemic Shakespeare - Erika Boeckeler
    • Digital Transgender Archive - K.J. Rawson
    • Thoreau's Journal Drawings - Kathleen Kelly
    • Writing Program Digital Archive - Neal Lerner
    • Dragon Prayer Book Project - Erika Boeckeler
    • Assessing Multilingual Writing - Mya Poe & Qianqian Zhang-Wu
    • Early Caribbean Digital Archive - Nicole Aljoe & Elizabeth Maddock Dillon
    • Digital Archive of American Indian Languages Preservation and Perseverance - Ellen Cushman

    September 6, 2019 - Sarah Connell, Assistant Director of the Women Writers Project, and Julia Flanders, Director and Professor, compare their transcription to an original text.

    Sarah Connell and Julia Flanders compare an original text to a recent transcription in Snell Library.
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    Research Opportunities for PhD Students. PhD students are encouraged to explore the PhD Network’s website for a variety of resources to support their research, such as fellowship opportunities, dissertation research grants, travel funding information, and more. PhD students also have opportunities to engage in research with faculty mentors for their Stipended Graduate Assistantships (SGAs). Examples of recent RA positions are listed below.

    PhD Network - Research
    Recent Research Assistant SGA Positions
    • Assessing Multilingual Writing - Mya Poe
    • Racialization in Early Women's Writing - Julia Flanders
    • Digital Transgender Archive and Homosaurus - K.J. Rawson
    • CSSH Civic Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion - Ellen Cushman
    • Early Caribbean Digital Archive - Nicole Aljoe & Elizabeth Maddock Dillon

    1973 - Marsha P. Johnson (Left) and Sylvia Rivera (Right) take part in the Gay Pride Parade in New York City (Photo by Leonard Fink, Courtesy LGBT Community Center National History Archive). Image gathered from the Digital Transgender Archive, a digital hub for trans-related materials directed by Professor K.J. Rawson.

    Marsha P. Johnson (Left) and Sylvia Rivera (Right), Gay Pride Parade, New York City, 1973