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Dr. Ronald Sandler Selected as the 60th Annual Robert D. Klein Lecturer

Our Ethics Institute Director, Dr. Ronald Sandler, was selected to the the speaker at the 60th annual Robert D. Klein lecturer. The Klein University Lecturer Award honors a member of the faculty who has contributed with distinction to their field of study. The Klein University Lecture enables faculty members to share the fruits of their scholarship with the university community and the general public.

Professor Sandler will explore the ethical and philosophical issues raised by the growing use of bioengineering in conservation. He will discuss why conservation practitioners are interested in employing biotechnological tools, ways they could be (and are already) being used, and why their use is interesting from an ethical and philosophical perspective. The discussion will be grounded in ongoing and proposed cases, such as cloning black-footed ferrets, genetic control of introduced rodents, genetic modification of the American chestnut, and “de-extinction” of mammoths and thylacines. He will also introduce evaluative perspectives, including from environmental ethics, environmental justice, and philosophy of technology.

Read more on the announcement here.

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