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Who believes ‘fake news’? Regardless of age and politics, people who endorse lies are aware they could be made up, research says.

This article was originally posted on Northeastern Global News by Cynthia McCormick Hibbert.

Northeastern researchers say that when confronted with “fake news,” Republicans and younger people are more likely to say they believe the false headlines than Democrats and older people.

But across the board, participants who were incorrect about news headlines being true or false had an inkling they were wrong, lead author and Northeastern professor Briony Swire-Thompson says.

The study was published in the journal Nature Communications Psychology and goes against the idea that individuals who endorse misinformation strongly believe it to be true, she says…..Republicans “are just a little bit worse than the Democrats” in discerning true from false information, says study co-author Jorge Morales, an assistant professor of psychology and philosophy and director of Northeastern’s Subjectivity Lab.

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