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Political Science

Seo Eun "Sunny" Yang

Assistant Professor of Political Science and Communication Studies

College of Social Science and Humanities, College of Arts, Media and Design

Seo Eun Yang (phonetic: Saw-Uhn Yang, nickname: Sunny) (she/her) is a political scientist specializing in graph/network theory, deep learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Computer Vision (CV). Her research lies at the intersection of political communication, political psychology, and computational social science. Her primary focus revolves around photojournalism, visual politics, framing studies, and political neuroscience. The central questions driving her research are as follows: (1) How can we effectively integrate different types of data (such as images, text, and social networks) and extract their semantic meaning simultaneously? (2) How do media outlets, politicians, and institutions employ visual and verbal strategies to shape political meaning through framing processes? (3) How do individuals comprehend and interpret visual information, particularly in terms of neurological cognitive understanding and visual literacy?

Her previous research has involved developing novel machine-learning approaches for visual framing analysis. These methods have been instrumental in investigating how the media contributes to biased representations of social minorities. Seo Eun Yang completed her BE and MS in Statistics at Korea University and received her Ph.D. in Political Science from the Ohio State University.

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Department Grant Award, OSU ($3,350) 2022

The Best Poster Awards at the Translational Data Analytics (TDAI) 2021

The Francis R. Aumann Award 2019, 2021

Perry Scholarship 2018

Outstanding Student Paper Awards at the Korean Statistical Society 2014

KT&G Graduate Scholarship 2013, 2015

Yang, Seo Eun, James D Wilson, Zhong-Lin Lu, Skyler Cranmer, (2022) “Functional Connectivity Signatures of Political Ideology”, PNAS Nexus

Network Science Institute Seed Grant Program ($10,000), 2023

    • “NeuroRace: The Neural Mechanisms of Biased Evaluations of Political Candidates”

Transforming Interdisciplinary Experiential Research Grant ($50,000), 2023

    • “Artificial Intelligence to unpack the Dynamic Relationships between Media Narratives, Foreign Policy, and Public Opinion.”

NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks, Seedling Grant ($2,500), 2022

    • “Automatically uncovering visual dimensions in political communication”

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  • Education

    Ohio State University, PhD in Political Science , 2022
    University of Rochester, Master degree in Political Science, 2017
    Korea University, Master degree in Statistics, 2015
    Korea University, Bachelor degree in Statistics, 2013

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