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Cecelia Musselman

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Teaching Professor in English

“Bridging the gap between science and communication is very important, but scientists rarely communicate their work effectively enough for a broad audience to understand. That’s the principle that underpins an unusual task Cecelia Musselman assigns to students in her ‘Advanced Writing for the Sciences’ course.”

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Course catalog
  • Writing for Social Media: Theory and Practice

    ENGL 2850

    Explores the development and roles of social media writing. Asks students to describe, define, and contextualize current social media genre(s) using readings from social media sites, scholarship, popular/journalistic works, and fiction. Invites students to adopt a new social media platform and to produce social media writing in short, longer individually produced, and longer collaborative forms. Offers each student an opportunity to create a curated, reflective portfolio that works toward an integrated personal/professional digital identity.

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