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Francis Blessington

Headshot of Francis Blessington

Professor of English

Francis Blessington’s major area is Milton and seventeenth-century English literature. He has written two books on Milton that have become standard: Paradise Lost and the Classical Epic (Routledge) and Paradise Lost: Ideal and Tragic Epic (A Student’s Companion to the Poem) (Twayne). Currently, he is writing a book on Milton’s use of witchcraft in Paradise Lost. He also teaches Greek and Roman literature and the Bible, emphasizing their relevance to the modern world. Also a poet and fiction writer, Professor Blessington teaches courses in creative writing.

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  • Nominated for Excellence in Teaching Award (2011)
  • Outstanding Professor Award (Spring 2010, Sigma Delta Tau)
  • Nominated for Excellence in Teaching Award (2004)
  • Outstanding Alumni Award in Arts and Humanities (1998, Northeastern University Alumni Association)
  • Poems from Underground (Deerbrook Press, 2017)
  • Euripides: Hecuba, Helen, and Trojan Women: Three Plays About Women and the Trojan War (University of Wisconsin Press, 2015) (verse translations with commentary)
  • The Last Witch of Dogtown (novel)
  • Paradise Lost and the Classical Epic
  • Paradise Lost: Ideal and Tragic Epic
  • Euripides: The Bacchae and Aristophanes: The Frogs (verse translations)
  • Lantskip (poems)
  • Lorenzo de’Medici (play)
  • Wolf Howl (poems)


Course catalog
  • Introduces students to the ancient and classical literatures of Greece, Rome, and the eastern Mediterranean, as well as other premodern literatures in translation.

  • Seminar: Witchcraft and Literature

    HONR 3310

    Witchcraft is a worldwide phenomenon. In the West, it has had terrible consequences, but also it has been employed by many great writers, musicians, and artists to stimulate the imagination and create art, e.g., Homer, Shakespeare, Milton, Goethe, Mozart, Goya, Huxley, Updike. We shall explore the uses and abuses of sorcery and the human longing for magic and miracle in literature and other arts.

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