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Assistant Teaching Professor of Public Policy and Administration

Cristina Stanica is an Assistant Teaching Professor of Public Policy and Administration. Most of her teaching is in critical core courses that support the MPA and MPP programs, in particular Techniques of Policy Analysis and Principles of Public Administration, as well as electives such as Comparative Public Policy and Administration. The central theme of her teaching is active and practical engagement and learning, based on the principles of experiential, democratized, and interdisciplinary learning, inclusivity as part of a global mindset, and critical thinking. She explored New Public Governance practices in Central and Eastern Europe and is interested in administrative and rules burdens in street-level bureaucracy, coproduction, and trust in government.

  • Peter A. Larson Award, Joseph R. Biden Jr., School of Public Policy and Administration, University of Delaware
  • David Gould Scholarship Award, Section for International and Comparative Administration, American Society for Public Administration
  • Emerging Scholar Award, Common Ground Research Network, University of Granada, Spain
  • Founders Fellow Award, American Society for Public Administration
  • Stanica, C. M., Balica, D., Henderson, A. C., Ticlau, T. C., The weight of service delivery: Administrative and rule burdens in street-level bureaucracy. International Review of Administrative Sciences,
  • Stanica, C. M., Aristigueta, M. (2019). Progress toward New Public Governance in Romania. International Journal of Public Sector Leadership, 15(3), 189-206. (
  • Stanica, C. M., Hintea, C. E., Stanica V. I (2019). Quality of life in Cluj-Napoca’s metropolitan area. In Haruta, C., Hintea, C. M., Moldovan, O. (Eds), Sustainable Development and Resilience of Local Communities and Public Sector Organizations, Cluj-Napoca: Accent.
  • Stanica, V.I., Stanica C. M., Olaru, I. (2017). Integration of ecovillage communities in Romania. Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences, 2(41), pp.71-87.
  • Board Member and Editor of the Occasional Paper Series, Section on International and Comparative Administration, the American Society for Public Administration

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  • Education

    PhD in Urban Affairs and Public Policy, University of Delaware

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    360Y Renaissance Park
    360 Huntington Avenue
    Boston, MA 02115


Course catalog
  • Comparative Public Policy and Administration

    PPUA 5244

  • Principles of Public Administration

    PPUA 6500

  • Techniques of Policy Analysis

    PPUA 6506

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