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Visual Content Creator

Department of Cultures, Societies, and Global Studies; Africana Studies

Imani Karpowich-Smith is an interdisciplinary artist, filmmaker, and library worker from the East Bay. Earning her BFA and a BA in Ethnic Studies from Mills College, Smith combines these two frameworks to break down investigations into societal structures. Her practice examines her interactions with the world; always seeming to exist between everything and nothing and having to prove she is real. With core themes of identity, Smith allows the work to evolve across mediums from drawings, comics, sculpture, experimental video and documentary, to installation.

Smith was invited to feature work at the David Brower Center within the Earth Echoes Virtual Gallery by Cherie Hill IrieDance with her video piece, Home.Land, which examines the environment of the Black body through her own family’s migration story from Mississippi. Her video/sound installation, We’ve Always Been Here, a four-year series of collected interviews discussing the American Multiracial experience debuted at the Mills College Art Museum. And her student film, “Nappy” Makes me Happy, was featured in the 5th annual Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival.

Fascinated by why humans love stories so much, Smith is passionate about telling stories from those who feel invisible. Using art as a tool to convey emotions, heal wounds, and build deeper connections within communities. She continues to create her own work and cultivate collaborative works with other artists in the Bay Area.