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Malcolm Purinton

Assistant Teaching Professor of History

Malcolm F. Purinton is a Food and World historian whose work focuses primarily on the sociocultural relationships of empire, trade, and technology in the history of beer and brewing. His first book Globalization in a Glass: The Rise of Pilsner Beer through Technology, Taste, and Empire (Bloomsbury Academic Press, Food History Series, 2023) examines the development and spread of this light golden lager beer and how it became the only truly global style of beer.

He is also the author of a chapter on the history of European beer in nineteenth century South Africa in “Alcohol Flows Across Cultures: Drinking Cultures in Transnational and Comparative Perspective” (Routledge) and has a regular column on the Boston beer scene with the northeast beer periodical, Yankee Brew News.

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Emerging Scholar Grant, MIT Global Architectural History Teaching Collaborative: “Taverns and Temples: The Spaces and Places of Alcohol”

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