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PlusOne Accelerated Master’s Programs

CSSH PlusOne Master’s Programs

Additional Possibilities: Student Initiated PlusOne Programs

Envision your own journey. Design your own CSSH PlusOne program. Students can apply to combine almost any CSSH undergraduate program with any CSSH graduate program. Student initiated PlusOne Programs options are also available. Student Initiated PlusOne Programs require additional steps so please be sure to follow the outline on the form. (See an example here).


Complete up to 16 graduate credits during your junior and senior years and apply those credits toward both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees.


Undergraduate students who think they might be interested in eventually pursuing the PlusOne program should make an appointment to meet simultaneously with the Undergraduate Academic Advisor and the Graduate Program Administrator at the earliest opportunity to make sure the program is the right fit. Early contact and ongoing advising are key to successful PlusOne programs.


You must apply prior to the start of your junior year. It’s never too early to inquire. You should begin talking to your advisor as soon as possible.


How do I Apply?

  1. Make an appointment with your Undergraduate Academic Advisor and the Department’s Graduate Program Administrator to make sure the program is right for you. Refer to the PlusOne Applicant Checklist to ensure a smooth transition.
  2. If advisors determine you are eligible, you will submit a PlusOne Degree Program Internal Admission Application to the CSSH Graduate Office of Admissions and Student Services, 180 Renaissance Park.
  3. The department’s graduate admissions committee will consider your application and, if admitted, the graduate program will work with you and your undergraduate advisor to finalize a curriculum plan.


Contact the Graduate Admissions Office at gradcssh@northeastern.edu. Find your Undergraduate Academic Advisor here.