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The History Department has four inter-related goals:  

1. For Our History Majors

We aim for our students to gain both historical knowledge and a broad range of related analytical skills. In terms of knowledge, students will gain a broad understanding of global historical events over time and across regions, while also specializing in a particular area or theme of interest. In terms of skills, students will learn to read and think critically, to conduct research with primary and secondary sources, to analyze conflicting information, and make coherent written and oral arguments.


2. For Undergraduate Non-Majors

We aim to provide a wide range of global or trans-regional courses that cover a variety of themes and issues relevant to undergraduate students from any major, college, or school at Northeastern University. In so doing, we wish to demonstrate the centrality of historical knowledge and skills to understanding contemporary issues, whether these are political, cultural, social, or scientific.


3. For Our Graduate Students

We aim to provide the highest quality professional training in World, Public, and Digital History—each of which are hallmarks of our program. In World History, we provide support for students interested in innovative transnational or global projects by offering focused coursework, close mentoring, and professional training.

In Public History, we provide rigorous scholarly and professional training complemented by extensive fieldwork opportunities. In Digital History, we provide introductory training to all World Ph.D. and Public History graduate students and encourage students to pursue an advanced certificate in the Digital Humanities through coursework and the competition of a digitally-based project.



4. For Our Faculty

We aim to provide a supportive environment for faculty to undertake path-breaking research projects on a wide variety of transnational and global projects, to encourage the pursuit of competitive national grants, and to reward excellence in both publications and teaching.