Our Graduate Students

M.A. in World History Students

M.A. in Public History Students


Feruza Aripova


Cohort: 2012

Research Interests: Soviet & modern Russian history; Gender in post-Soviet space

Matthew Bowser


Cohort: 2015

Research Interests: The British Empire; Myanmar; Global Islam in South/Southeast Asia; Global Great Depression; Race, Space, & The Origins of Social Stratification

Allison Chapin


Cohort: 2016

Research Interests: The British Empire; Genocide in World History; Memory and Material Culture; Humanitarianism and Human Rights

Cassandra Cloutier


Cohort: 2018

Research Interests: Cold War; US-Latin American Relations; 20th Century Diplomatic History

David DeCamp


Cohort: 2012

Research Interests: Modern British Empire; Modern London; Urban History; Transit History; Historical Geography, Digital Humanities

Jack Gronau


Cohort: 2014

Research Interests: Feminism and the French Empire; Gender, Sexuality, and Modern Europe

Shaunna Harrington


Cohort: 2010

Research Interests: United States in the World; Transnational construction of race; Schools as sites of cultural production about race, identity, and nationalism

Bridget Keown


CSSH Dean’s Graduate Fellow in the Humanities Center for 2018-19

Cohort: 2013

Research Interests: First World War, Gender, Trauma, Memory, 20th century Britain and Ireland

Thanasis Kinias


Cohort: 2015

Research Interests: The British Empire; 19th century; Race and space; Transport and communication technology; Comparative imperialism; Book history

Hüseyin Kurt


Cohort: 2017

Research Interests: Middle East Constitutionalism; Knowledge and reform in the Muslim world; Global intellectual history; Ottoman & modern Middle Eastern history; Connected history; Islamic history & Islamic political thought

Debra Lavelle


Cohort: 2017

Research Interests:Americas; Great Britain & Ireland; Public History; Visual & Material Culture; Thanatourism

Elizabeth R. Lehr


Cohort: 2010

Research Interests: France in the World; Africa; Gender and Empire

Molly Nebiolo


Cohort: 2017

Research Interests: North America and the Atlantic world; colonialism in world history; history of science and medicine; digital humanities

Sean Palmatier


Cohort: 2015

Research Interests: Material culture of the early modern Anglo Atlantic & corresponding societal expressions.

Jamie Parker


Cohort: 2015

Research Interests: European Imperialism's Urban and Spatial History; African History

Aaron Peterka


Cohort: 2018

Research Interests: Modern France, Colonialism/Post-Colonialism, Race and Nationalism, US/European Military History

Simon Purdue


Cohort: 2016

Research Interests: Industrial and Labor History; American Social and Cultural History; Gender History; Migration & Migrant Communities; Urban History; Occupational Health

James Robinson


Cohort: 2015

Research Interests Social and Cultural Histories of Sports; Urban History; Social Movement History; United States in the World

Luke Scalone


Cohort: 2016

Research Interests: Modern France & the French Colonial Empire; Colonial North Africa; Pacific Worlds; Comparative Empire; Settler Colonialism; the Global 1930s; World War II; Global Fascism; World History

Olivier Schouteden


Cohort: 2013

Research Interests: Modern France; French imperialism and colonialism; modern Southeast and Far East Asia

Daniel Squizzero


Cohort: 2014

Research Interests:Transnational Social Movements; First World War; Italy & the 20th Century World

Will Whitworth


Cohort: 2016

Research Interests: Modern Germany; Diplomatic History; the Global Cold War.

M.A. in World History

Colleen Nugent


Cohort: 2017

Research Interests: Post colonialism, Global Islam, British and French Empire, Digital Humanities

M.A. in Public History

Megan Barney


Cohort: 2017

Research Interests: 20th Century American History, Social Injustice, and Digital History

Fieldwork: Yourgrau Media Group, Our Marathon, Old North Church

Lauren Bergnes Sell


Cohort: 2017

Research Interest: Digital Humanities; Intergraded technologies & material presentation; Digital preservation, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality exhibit design

Fieldwork: The Field Museum; National Science Foundation

Sara Dean


Cohort: 2017

Research Interest: Cultural history; Modern European history; African American history


Mahala Nyberg


Cohort: 2018

Research Interest: Oral history, Modern America, World War II, Museums and public outreach, Public Policy, Digital humanities

Fieldwork: Oneida County History Center, Adirondack Experience: The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake, Onondaga Historical Association, Chilean Arpillera Project, Roger Williams Project

Hailey Philbin


Cohort: 2018

Research Interest: Post-World War II public memory; Political cartoon rhetoric

Fieldwork: National Archives; National Museum of American History

Carly Quinn


Cohort: 2018

Research Interest: Cold War, Intelligence and Espionage, Pop Culture and Film

Fieldwork: Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, The Mark Twain House and Museum

Meg Szydlik


Cohort: 2018

Research Interest: Digital Humanities, Small scale museums, Early American history, French Revolution

Fieldwork: Jane Addams Papers Project, National Women's History Museum

Danay Vera


Cohort: 2017

Research Interest: Soviet history and 19th century European history

Fieldwork: Massachusetts Historical Society and the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Historical Site

Shannon Webber


Cohort: 2018

Research Interest: Digital Humanities and Storytelling; Modern American social and cultural history; History of North American Indigenous peoples

Fieldwork: Naval History and Heritage Command; Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

Katie Woods


Cohort: 2017

Research Interest: 20th century American and European History; Construction of race, class, and gender; Public Memory

Fieldwork: Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate, Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project, Facing History and Ourselves, Luxembourg American Cultural Society, Women Writers Project

Megan Woods


Cohort: 2017

Research Interest: 20th Century American Politics and Culture; The World Wars; The British Monarchy and social classes

Fieldwork: Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project, Luxembourg American Cultural Society, Northeastern University Archives, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, and Hingham Historical Society