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The following are some of the many resources available to you as a student of Northeastern.

General Resources

Northeastern University Snell Library

Databases, Electronic Journals

Reference Sources

America: History and Life
Abstracts of 2,000 journals; many local. A good place to start searches for articles by historians on a particular topic.

Encyclopedia – Britannica Online Encyclopedia
For undergraduate research papers, this should be used only to fill in background information

The History Cooperative
Word searchable, full text copies of major historical journals up to the present. It should be used in conjunction with:

Word searchable, full text coverage of a larger collection of journals than the History Cooperative, but only through 1996.

Oxford English Dictionary
Incomparably the best dictionary of the English language and on tracing changes in the meaning of words. Be careful it sometimes uses British spellings and definitions.

American Historical Association (AHA)
The umbrella organization of the historical profession.

An internet-based interdisciplinary organization that publishes essays, book reviews, job listings, and maintains discussion groups. It contains links to a wealth of resources of interest to both students and faculty

Library of Congress Online Exhibits

Making of America Collection
Cornell and Michigan universities scanned over 250 books and 100,000 articles that were in their collections and printed between 1800 and 1900. If you’re doing a research project in this time frame, this is a good starting point.

American Memory at the Library of Congress
A vast collection of images, maps and primary source documents. Searches always pull up too many hits.