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Associate Director Sari Altschuler and Professor Chris Parsons receive NEH grant for Health, Humanities, and Societies Program

The Northeastern Humanities Center is proud to announce that our Associate Director, Sari Altschuler and Associate Professor of History, Chris Parsons, recently received a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grant through their division of education programs for $35,000 to further the digital components of our Health, Humanities, and Societies (HHS) initiative.

In total, the NEH announced the distribution of $22.2 million to support 224 humanities projects worldwide. The Northeastern Humanities center HHS initiative works with students to explore new approaches to social and cultural problems in health and healthcare. It seeds projects that use the rigorous tools of the humanities and social sciences to address health challenges, focusing especially on the interactions between the digital world and healthcare.

The core of these projects is cross-disciplinary and intergenerational collaboration and their aim is to improve the relationship between health and our society. In this way, the initiative research will build on the humanistic and social science competencies training students acquire in the Health, Humanities, and Society minor, helping them tackle health issues from historical, ethical, narrative, social, and cultural perspectives. These research collaborations are not focused solely on clinical settings but on health in all of its forms, including fields like nursing, public health, and global health and topics like race, gender, class, sex, and disability.

Through the generous support of the NEH grant, the Northeastern Humanities Center will have the ability to grow the Health, Humanities, and Societies initiative digital components and with new tools and strategies that will serve to further our mission. Additional information on the April 2020 NEH grant awards distribution can be found here.

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