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Becoming ‘Something Special’

May 24, 2011 - Parent conferences and after school tutoring are part of the Youth Development Initiative Project (YDIP) at Northeastern University. YDIP is part of Northeastern's Stony Brook Initiative which redefines urban engagement and facilitates a network of sustainable partnerships among neighboring communities and organizations. PHOTO: Mary Knox Merrill / Northeastern University
Photo of after school tutoring

Ryan McCarthy (2010) was previously the Program Coordinator for the Youth Development Initiative Project (YDIP) at Northeastern University, now he works for currently works for Let’s Get Ready. While at Northeastern, Ryan completed two co-ops, both of which were tremendously beneficial to his education and career. For his first co-op, he worked as a teacher’s assistant at the Patrick Lyndon Charter School in West Roxbury where he learned the challenges associated with the public school system. His second co-op was with his current employer, YDIP, which was not only a challenging but rewarding experience as well. Ryan believes that the hard work put into his co-ops and human services coursework contribute to where he is today.  He is working toward a master’s degree in school counseling from NEU’s Bouvé College of Health Sciences. He is interested in pursuing a career as a guidance counselor, and one day hopes to become a high school principal.

Learn more about the work Ryan did at YDIP here.

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