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Boston Cares: Community Conversations

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Flyer entitled: Community Conversations- connecting your service to our community. Flyer description: Interested in leading through your service and volunteer opportunities? Join us Thursday, October 5th 6-8:30 pm to learn more about leadership in service and how to lead at Boston Cares. We are proud to announce our speakers: Becca Berkey, The Director of the Service-Learning Program, and Lisa Roe, the Assistant Director of Service-Learning at Northeastern University’s Center of Community Service. Following, Boston Cares will offer a joint orientation for those interested in becoming either a Volunteer Leader or a Corps Captain. Image Description: yellow Header Text on blue background, black description text on a white background, Boston care logo stating: Volunteering for a greater Boston

Save the date to see faculty speak at this Boston Cares event

Date: 10/5/2017

Time: 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Location: Center of Community Service
Sponsored By: Service Learning at Northeastern
More Information:

Save the date to see Becca Berkey, The Director of the Service-Learning Program and Lisa Roe, the Assistant Director of Service-Learning, speak on leadership opportunities in service! October 5th, 6:00-8:30 pm ✨

This event will focus on developing leadership skills; in direct relation with service and volunteerism. Afterwards, there will be an optional Volunteer Leader Orientation and a Corp Captain Orientation.

Community Conversations flyer

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