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Co-op Highlight: Claire Molinich

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“I grew to be a lot more comfortable sharing my thoughts and ideas in group settings, which is in part thanks to how welcome and valued my team made me feel, despite just being an intern.”

– Claire Molinich

Co-op Term: Fall 2023
Position: Campaign Department Intern
Employer: Oxfam International

Oxfam is a global nonprofit organization that’s working to end poverty and fight injustice. They provide humanitarian aid, uplift communities, tackle climate change and combat inequality in over 80 countries. Claire expressed that “[her] work at Oxfam significantly changed the way I understand how social inequality manifests in our society.”

The most rewarding project Claire worked on was when she was in charge of planning a reception at their New York office. This event happened during the UN General Assembly Climate Week where she coordinated every detail. She organized everything, planned catering, and managed the budget. Despite the intimidating size of the project she succeed and Oxfam is planning on adapting this event as an annual occurrence.

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