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Co-op Highlight: Marissa Romano

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“ I was able to gain experience by working within the office but also never felt “thrown into the deep end” or clueless about my job and responsibilities. I was also able to make friendships with the Detectives and Victim Advocates in the office. I learned how to be independent in my work but also that it is okay to ask for help because the people around me were there to help me.“

– Marissa Romano

Co-Op Term : Fall 2023
Position: Criminal Investigation Intern
Employer: Cambridge Police Department

Marissa initially worked in taking on daily cases ranging from package thefts to breaking and entering cases that she had full discretion in solving. Once a case was solved or a suspect was identified, the case was transferred from her to another Detective on the floor to go through the court process as she was not able to press charges and go through the court hearing within her position.

Something that surprised her about the job was the amount of freedom she had on a day-to- day basis. She did not have a supervisor consistently telling her exactly what needed to be done. She was able to form her own opinions and complete her work independently. There were times when she did need support and help on projects. She was able to go out on investigations with Detectives, discover crime scenes, go out in a patrol car for the day, and overall have a good time while on the job.

She felt that most of the coursework she’s done had prepared her for this position, not only the Criminal Justice but the Human Services courses as well.

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