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Co-op highlight: Skylar Kamen

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“In general we helped people file for citizenship, legal name change, housing violation cases and more. It was interesting to see how federal policies affected the limitations to the work the firm could legally do on a pro bono basis for specific types of clients”

– Skylar Kamen

Co-op Term: Fall 2023
Position: Pro Bono Team
Employer: Goodwin Proctor LLC

Skylar wanted to be exposed to the law environment where she could get a better idea of what interested her. This position allowed her to collaborate with attorneys, explore the business side of the office, and exposed her to external partnerships with nonprofits and corporations the firm had.

The amount of work she was able to take on during this co-op provided her. She gained the trust of her firm and was able to take on more important roles, such as directly working nonprofit partners and attorneys.

There were numerous personal and professional learning experiences during her time at Goodwin. Skylar felt that she grew in confidence with work, and especially in confirming her education path and career path. She saw how her communication skills grew exponentially, by learning when to reach out and how to format different methods of communication, especially when writing. This experience made her feel like she was on the right path and that she found mentors for her career.

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