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Co-op Highlight: Giovana Rodriguez

gia rodriguez profile

“I feel like by the end of the 6 months, I had accomplished all three of my goals and that my team made the environment a comfortable place for me to be successful.

  • Network within my team as well as throughout other teams at Liberty.
  • Improve my critical thinking skills.
  • Become more comfortable speaking up/advocating for myself.”
– Giovana Rodriguez

Co-op Term: Fall 2023
Position: DEI Programs & Partnerships
Employer: Liberty Mutual Insurance

Gia’s team at Liberty Mutual focused on running different programs and events such as summits, conferences, and fellowships for targeted populations. The targets included students from HBCUs, active Military members, and those with significant resume gaps. The goal was to recruit and support diverse candidates.

She had meetings and projects assigned to her including providing support to her co-workers, partaking in screening calls, creating surveys, designing documents/powerpoints, and completing DEI research.

The most challenging part of her co-op was presenting to the team on projects she had completed. Gia learned that she was more comfortable taking the initiative than previously thought, creating opportunities that aligned with her interests and being very comfortable contributing ideas during team meetings.

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