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Co-op Reflection: Darleny Gomez

darleny gomez rise up recovery
Darleny Gomez

“As the days went by, I heard many stories about the personal journey of individuals suffering from addiction; their testimonies really touched me. I heard stories of people losing it all due to their addiction. Every day, I got to see how resilient they were by staying in treatment.”

Darleny Gomez, Human Services Major

Co-op Term: Fall 2020
Position: Recovery Support Specialist
Employer: Recovery Centers of America in Danvers, MA

Darleny Gomez completed her co-op at the Recovery Centers of America, a treatment facility for people battling drug and alcohol addiction. As a Recovery Support Specialist, Gomez would work directly with patients ensuring routine care and reporting on behavior and safety. She hoped to learn more about the lasting effects of addiction through her patient’s path to recovery and draw connections between mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Gomez continued to work on site during the COVID-19 pandemic which presented unique challenges during her co-op. In one instance she was asked to chaperone a patient to urgent care, she was apprehensive about entering a hospital with the risk of contracting the virus. However, Gomez was inspired by the resilience and determination of her patients. Listening to their stories, she created relationships and learned more about the lives of the people she cared for.

Read about Darleny’s experience in her own words in her reflection project.

The Recover Center of America rehabilitation center in Danvers, MA.

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