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Co-op Reflection: Megan Nibbio

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“The most surprising thing about my co-op was how much
others cared about my interests and were willing to listen to me. I imagined that no one would ask for feedback on a project from a 20-year-old with virtually no HR experience, but I was proven wrong
when my teammates asked me about myself when
I arranged informational interviews with them.”

Megan Nibbio, Human Services Major

Co-op Term: Spring 2020
Position: Human Resources Co-op
Employer: MFS Investment Management in Boston, MA

Megan Nibbio was grateful for her co-op course when she interviewed for a Human Resource position at MFS Investment Management. After one interview, she was hired the next day, instantly bonding with her new manager. Always asked for her opinion, Nibbio was confident in sharing her ideas with the team and exploring the different aspects of Human Services in a business setting. Her teammates treated her like a valuable asset to the organization and helped develop her initiatives to present to senior management.

Her most exciting experience was a recruiting event at the University of Massachusetts Lowell campus. Nibbio was open about her experience with the company and witnessed the relationships formed between her and the candidates. These events cultivated her interests in Diversity and Inclusion Recruiting and Community Outreach. Nibbio’s co-op was abbreviated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, her time at MFS helped focus her career path, encouraging her to take explore Human Resources further.

Learn more about Megan’s co-op in her reflection paper.

The MFS Investment Management headquarters in Boston, MA.

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