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Co-op Reflection: Olivia Olcott

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Olivia Olcott

“Although my immediate team was small, I worked with people on many different teams, and it felt as if I was constantly meeting new people and making new connections. I quite enjoyed getting to know so many new people, especially during this time where we have all found ourselves wanting company.”

Olivia Olcott, Human Services & International Affairs Major

Co-op Term: Fall 2020
Position: Human Resources Culture and Inclusion Team
Employer: Wayfair in Boston, MA

Wayfair is a commercial company specializing in the online sale of furniture and household products. As one of the world’s largest online home retailers, the company has a commitment to building relationships with its customer base as well as its employees. Their teams specializing in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion works to celebrate individuals by creating resources and policies that ensure every voice is heard.

Olivia Olcott completed her second co-op at Wayfair in the Human Resources Department on the Culture and Inclusion Team. With her team, Olcott cultivated a safe and accepting environment for Wayfair personnel serving as a point of contact between the company and its employees. With her co-op in a completely remote setting, she adapted to the virtual pressures of working at a large company. Despite the change, Olcott believes that her time at Wayfair was enlightening and impactful for her and the employees she had the pleasure of meeting.

Learn more about Olivia’s co-op in her reflection paper!

Wayfair Headquarters

Wayfair headquarters in Boston, MA.

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