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Co-op Spotlight: Alexis Trattler

Zakim Bridge light up for Volunteers
Alexis Trattler
Alexis Trattler

Co-op Term: Spring 2021
Position: Program Assistant
Employer: Boston Cares, Boston, MA

Boston Cares is the largest volunteer agency in New England. They are a volunteer mobilizer and fill over 20,000 volunteer spots annually with more than 150 Greater Boston Schools and non-profit agencies. They offer a wide array of programs and opportunities that make it simple to volunteer no matter your schedule. As the Program Assistant, Alexis worked with volunteers day to day answering any questions as well as leading new volunteer orientations. She also worked on projects like MLK weekend and the annual volunteer awards ceremony.

Alexis found that her co-op was rewarding because she was able to learn about all of the different nonprofit organizations in the community. As a volunteer mobilizer, nonprofits come to us to seek out volunteers so she was able to meet with a variety of different nonprofit partners, learn about their organizations and needs and also see firsthand the impact the volunteers she was managing were making.

During April, Alexis worked with the City of Boston to get the Zakim and Longfellow Bridges to light up blue and green to recognize the work of all the volunteers in the Boston community. It was to honor them during the National Volunteer Week and is a way to recognize volunteer service in the community.

Alexis loved her co-op and was so glad to have the experience!

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