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Co-op Spotlight: Finn Seifart

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Finn's co-op allowed him to visit prisons where he would spend days visiting multiple clients, and see solitary and health services units.

Finn Seifart
“PLS showed them the work environment they waned t: one that is supportive, collaborative, and understanding of work-life balance.”

– Finn Seifart, Criminal Justice and Human Services

Co-op Term: Spring 2023
Position:  General Legal Intern
Employer: Prisoners’ Legal Services of Massachusetts

Finn’s role as a legal intern for the Prisoner’s Legal Services of Massachusetts called for a varying degree of daily tasks. They were assigned to specific teams depending on their assignment including medical parole, solitary confinement, women’s project, HEAT team, and Race Equity in Corrections Initiative  Finn also helped with client advocacy, where they wrote advocacy letters, paid regular prison visits, and facilitated client zoom meetings. 

Finn was also able to explore their ability as a researcher at this co-op. They conducted survey research on the conditions of solitary confinement and for incarcerated persons who experience issues of racial inequities. For the Women’s project they acted as a note taker in interviews

with incarcerated women on issues of verbal harassment and conducted research on abuse taking place in Massachusetts women’s correctional centers. Lastly Finn conducted an interview which examined the educational opportunities present within prisons; information that will later be published and used to help clients.  

This co-op solidified Finn’s interest in prisoners’ rights and greatly improved their research and writing skills. PLS solidified Finn’s interest in prisoners’ rights and greatly improved their research and writing skills. It also showed them that the work environment they want is one that is supportive, collaborative, and is understanding of work-life balance. Finn learned to enjoy hybrid work which they did not think they would previously. FInn stated that they could not have asked for a more positive first co-op.

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