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DOC Info Session: The Twenty-First Century City: Tokyo and Kyoto

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Students will have the opportunity to learn about the politics, culture, and globalization of Japan

Date: 11/28/2018

Time: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Location: 310 Renaissance Park
Contact: Lori Gardinier ( and Thomas Vicino (
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Students will have the opportunity to learn about the politics, culture, and globalization of Japan, with a particular focus on the dynamics of urban life in Tokyo and Kyoto. Students will also learn about the changing demographics and role of public policy and family in one of the most global and dynamic cities. They will participate in a cultural dialogue with students from Meiji University while staying three days at a traditional guesthouse near Mt. Fuji, developing strong bonds with students who will be joining the Dialogue for most of the experience. Students will continue to develop their knowledge of Japanese society through directed visits to sites of political, historical, cultural, and economic importance, attend lectures from Japanese faculty and officials, and develop enduring friendships with students from Japan. Dialogue participants are invited to join and support students from Meiji University on their Dialogue visit to Boston later in the summer.

Open to all majors. This program will meet the social policy requirement for Human Services majors, and it fulfills elective requirements for the Political Science and International Affairs majors.

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