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Fifth Year Student Claire Bergsten Reflects on Service Learning

Claire Bergsten

"Service Learning allows you to see Boston in a new way, learn from community members you may have never met otherwise, become a leader because of the commitment you make in taking the class, become a stronger candidate for other opportunities in life, and be able to connect your classes better with the real world."

As I apply to my first real, post-grad job, I cannot help but look back on my last five years at Northeastern. My experience here would not have been half as great without the Service-Learning Program, and it added value to my education that I would have not gotten in another program or another school. As a human services major, I have been in at least one service-learning class almost every semester doing everything from direct service to group projects involving a community partner. My various experiences with the Service-Learning Program have changed my outlook on my major and affected my life in ways outside of the program.

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