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Global Health Innovation Summit 2022

Global Health Innovation Summit 2022

On February 12th to 13th hosted by Northeastern Innovators for Global Health!

The Global Health Innovation Summit (GHIS) is an annual event hosted by Innovators for Global Health at Northeastern University (IGH). At GHIS students from Northeastern and other local universities will work together to develop holistic solutions to tackle global public health issues.

Students will have the opportunity to learn from a diverse group of panelists, workshop leaders, and professional mentors throughout the event as they compete in teams to design the most innovative, impactful, responsible, and fiscally-sustainable global healthcare solutions.

GHIS 2022 will primarily be focused on emergency and acute care, with an emphasis on the following topics:

  • Pandemic response in marginalized communities
  • Technologies to improve access to emergency care and ambulance services in low-resource areas
  • Community-based healthcare

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