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Katie Elliot – Students of CSSH Instagram!

katie elliot

Katie is a 5th year Human Services major with a minor in American Sign Language.

“When I attended Welcome Day as a prospective student and the student speaker was a human services major, I realized that everything she was saying I wanted to be talking about my senior year. I felt that human services was a perfect fit for me as I had a chance to dip my toes into some direct service and advocacy in high school and I loved it! I have always been drawn to serving others and during high school I was told time and time again that I could make a difference to just one person at a time – that became my goal and mantra. I have learned so much more in my experience in human services than I would have ever expected. The other students in the major form a small community and we accept and treat each other in a way that you don’t get in other majors and classes. We always sit in a circle in classes so we can see each other and build those relationships and that is what human services is all about. I absolutely love it and am so grateful to have been a part of this community.” 

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