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Masculinities and Leadership

Flyer entitled: Masculinities and Leadership. Wednesdays 3-4:30 pm. 10.18 - 11.15. Flyer description: Social Justice Resource Center 106 St. Stephen Street. Register @ Sponsored by the Student Activity Fee, Lead 360. Green and white text on a brown background and green border.

Join LEAD360 for a new program that explores masculinities and leadership

Masculinities and Leadership Registration Spring 2018

What is masculinity? Is it positive? Toxic? Hegemonic? What does it mean to “be a man,” anyway? Join LEAD360 for a new program that explores masculinities and leadership! Participants and facilitators will co-develop this seminar about leadership dynamics through a gendered lens, with a specific emphasis on masculinities.


The masculinities and leadership seminar is grounded in an intersectional analysis of gender-based issues. All non-first year undergraduate Northeastern students, regardless of other identity or community memberships, are encouraged to co-create this community with your two co-facilitators. The program’s primary focus are students who identify as men, masculine, and/or with masculinity in any way, including students with any gender identity and expression. This is one of our more advanced programs and therefore it is essential that participants have already completed their first year of college.


Topics and the program curriculum will be developed in collaboration with participants. Example topics are as follows:

  • Introduction to Masculinities and Leadership
    • ​Leadership Competencies: Building Relationships and Self-Knowledge
    • Participants meet each other through icebreakers, create community agreements, and begin to explore personal experiences with masculinities
  • The “Masculinity Box”
    • ​Leadership Competencies: Critical Thinking
    • Watch a Ted Talk and question what it means to “be a man” in various social contexts and across intersecting identities
    • Explore concepts such as hegemonic/positive/fragile/hyper masculinity, patriarchy, gender policing, misogyny, feminism, and the collective socialization of men
    • Discuss how masculinity is displayed through gendered media and marketing, how gender norms have shifted over time, and how masculinities intersect with race, ethnicity, and socio-economic status
  • Sexism and Gender-based Privileges
    • ​Leadership Competencies: Social Consciousness/Global Awareness & Integrity
    • Define (cis)sexism and gender-based privileges
    • Discuss current events and issues identified by participants
  • Sexual Assault and Bystander Intervention
    • ​Leadership Competencies: Integrity
    • Many consider it the #1 issue affecting college students today: what exactly is sexual assault, and what can we do to prevent gender-based violence?
  • Action Planning and Wrap Up
    • ​Leadership Competencies: Empowerment
    • Action planning based on participants’ interests

To register for our spring 2018 Masculinities and Leadership pilot seminar, please fill out the information below. Masculinities and Leadership sessions will begin the week of January 22. Sessions will be scheduled according to the best time for everyone who registers to ensure maximum participation. 

The priority registration deadline is January 3 at 11:59PM EST. Regular registration will continue on a rolling basis until January 17, 2018. 

If you have any further questions, please contact Evan Chartier at

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