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Panel Discussing Vaccine Equity

On April 12th, 12-1 for this impressive panel of experts discussing Vaccine Equity, Answers and Uncertainty. 

Led by activist Michael A. Curry, this webinar will unpack the long history of systemic racism in medical culture, why a deep legacy of medical system mistrust exists in BIPOC communities, and what we can do to combat misinformation at this critical juncture. Renowned physicians Sree Chaguturu, MD (CVS Health) and Thea James, MD (Boston University) bring their scientific lens with Rita Nieves, RN, MPH, LICSW, Executive Director of the Boston Public Health Commission and Michael A. Curry, Esq, CEO of the Massachusetts Association of Community Health Centers lending their insight from the community.

Learn more about the speakers here. Plus, bring your questions on all things COVID-19 vaccine and stay tuned until the end for a live Q&A with the experts! Use this link to access the webinar.

United for Justice Webinar by United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley

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