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Post-election Wrap: Teach-in

The fall Open Classroom thus far has hinged upon the rather significant question of who will win the 2020 presidential race. There will be a new agenda in January: it will be either one that focuses on completing unrealized tasks, or one that will bring a new administration to Washington. Regardless, this past year has been fraught with uncertainty and polarization. Join us for a special teach-in after Election Day and hosting many of our faculty here at Northeastern. 

When: Wednesday, Nov. 4
Time: 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. EST
WhereZoom Webinar


  • Gov. Michael Dukakis
  • Tom Vicino, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies Professor of Political Science, Public Policy and Urban Affairs, College of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Richard O’Bryant, Director, John D. O’Bryant African American Institute; Associate Professor of Public Policy and Urban Affairs
  • Rebecca Riccio, Khaled and Olfat Juffali Director of the Social Impact Lab; Lecturer of Human Services
  • Jennie Stephens, Director of the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs; Dean’s Professor of Sustainability Science & Policy
  • Jeremy Paul, Professor of Law, School of Law
  • Hilary Sullivan, Director, Co-Curricular Service Programs, Center of Community Service
  • Carlie Houchins, Director of Learner and Employer Engagement at Northeastern University-Charlotte
  • Peg Bernhard, Associate Dean, Campus Administration, Northeastern University-Charlotte

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