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Reimagining Civil Society’s Role in Lebanon: A Call to Action

Reimagining Civil Society’s Role in Lebanon: A Call to Action

Please join SIL Director Rebecca Riccio & Lynn Zovighian, Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Zovighian Partnership (ZP) and ZP Public Office, on Wednesday, April 20, 9:00 am (Boston)/4:00 pm (Beirut) for an in-depth conversation about the urgency of building civil society’s capacity to address the multiple crises Lebanon faces today. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

9:00 am (Boston)/4:00 pm (Beirut)

About Our Speaker:

Lynn Zovighian is a social investor, columnist in the Lebanon-based pan-regional newspaper, Annahar, and Emerita Director of the Middle East & Arab Diasporas at NEXUS Global. Deeply committed to building a strong and peaceful future for Lebanon and the Middle East, she has built the ZP Public Office to serve local communities by using evidence-based practice to promote justice and accountability in areas of crisis and conflict. Lynn and her team are longtime partners to Yazda, a multi-national NGO founded in 2014 to support victims of the Yazidi genocide perpetrated by Da’esh in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. They are pro bono expert advisors to NGOs participating in the international donor-led Lebanon Recovery, Reform, and Reconstruction Framework (3RF) and are collaborating with Human Rights Watch to monitor the distribution of international aid entering Lebanon. Drawing on philanthropic frameworks SIL Director Rebecca Riccio has developed as a social change educator and practitioner, Lynn and the ZP Public Office are re-imagining grant-making in Lebanon by empowering NGOs serving women and communities to have a voice in setting their own funding priorities.

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