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Summer 2021

Summer 1

Dialogue of Civilizations: Management Consulting Abroad – Israel, The Start Up Nation, Amir Grinstein and Cheryl Mitteness.  ENTR 3220 International Entrepreneurship and Innovation Consulting and ENTR 4510 Management Consulting Abroad

Fall 2021

HBRW 1101 Elementary Hebrew 1. CRN 10074 MWR 9:15-10:30 am. Taught by Sigalit Davis.

HBRW 1102 Elementary Hebrew 2. CRN 17556.  Taught by Sigalit Davis.CRN

HBRW 2101 Intermediate Hebrew 1. CRN 17725.  Taught by Sigalit Davis.

HBRW 2102 Intermediate Hebrew 2. CRN 17726. Taught by Sigalit Davis.  NU Core Writing Intsv in Majr, NU Path Writing Intensive.

INTL 1150 The Mediterranean World – An Overview. CRN18383 TF 9:50-11:30 am. Taught by Peter Fraunholtz. NU Path Interpreting Culture, Societies/Institutions.

JRNL 3305 Repairing a Divided America. CRN 18888 W 5:00-8:00 pm. Taught by Jonathan Kaufman and Ted Landsmark.

JWSS/PHIL 1285 Jewish Religion and Culture. CRN 18819/19053. MW 2:50-4:30 pm. Taught by Simon Rabinovitch.

JWSS/JRNL/HIST 2285 America and the Holocaust. CRN 18786/18775/19110.  T 11:45 am – 1:25 pm, R 2:50-4:30 pm. Taught by Laurel Leff. NUPath Ethical Reasoning, Societies/Institution.

PHIL 1110 Introduction to Religious Studies.  CRN 16091. MWR 10:30-11:35. Taught by Mary Kelting.  NU Core Comp Stdy of Cultures, Humanities Lvl 1, NU Path Difference/Diversity.

PHIL 1111 Intro to World Religions. CRN 12862. TF 3:25-5:05 pm. Taught by Megan Goodwin.  NUCore Comp Stdy of Cultures, Humanities Lvl 1, NUPath Differences/Diversity.

PHIL/WMNS 1271 Sex in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  CRN 16540/16613.  Taught by Elizabeth Bucar. NU Core Comp Stdy of Cultures, Humanities Lvl 1, NUPath Differences/Diversity, Ethical Reasoning.

POLS 2370 Religion and Politics. CRN 18706. MWR 1:35-2:40. Taught by Bill Miles. NUCore Compl. Stdy of Cultures.