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Writing About Writing and Research: A DH Feminist Account of Working on My First (academic) Book Project

By Moya Bailey

Hello! My name is Moya Bailey and I have the honor of being the first (ever!) postdoctoral fellow in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality studies and the NULab at Northeastern University. At this critical intersection of digital humanities (DH) and feminist theory lives my academic work and research interests. My book project, Misogynoir: Sexuality, Gender, and Blackness in the Age of Digital Media focuses on the creative ways that Black women and others marginalized by their gender and or sexuality are using digital media to advocate for their communities. I argue that these practices of digital media making are self-preserving, life affirming forms of activism that build the health and well being of the creators as well as their communities. In that way, my work also overlaps with medical humanities, as I ask many questions about what actually promotes health in marginalized communities and investigate how these actions help close the gap in health care disparities. As I begin to put my first academic project together, I’ll be blogging about my process. I hope to provide readers insights into the academic publishing process as well as how I am adapting the process to be more in line with my feminist principles and values. Please join me on this journey. I welcome feedback and suggestions.

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