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Congratulations to all the Philosophy, Religious Studies, and PPE graduates!


The Department of Philosophy and Religion’s Susan Setta and Michael Meyer department citizen award recognizes graduating students who, during their time at Northeastern, enhanced the intellectual life and community of the department. The award is a book prize in honor of Prof. Susan Setta and Prof. Michael Meyer, whose intellectual energy and curiosity were at the heart of the department for decades.

Award Winners:

  • Gabriel Garcia Combs Morris (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics)
  • Benjamin Cooper Gould (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics)
  • MacKenzie Nekton (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics)

The Huntington 100 recognizes students who have recorded achievements in research, co-op, athletics, entrepreneurship, community service, and leadership.

Each year, hundreds of students are nominated by faculty, staff, advisors, coaches, employers, and fellow students. They are selected by a panel of judges that is comprised of representatives from each college, the Division of Student Affairs, and the Office of Alumni Relations. This year’s class was chosen from a field of 750 students.

Congratulations to department and PPE 2021 winners:

  • Benjamin Gould
  • Danny Rassaby
  • Kaleem Ahmid

Congratulations to department and PPE 2020 winners:

  • Gabriel Garcia Combs Morris
  • Alyssa Pascoe

The Philosophy as a Way of Life Working Group won the People’s Choice Award in the Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers, and Institutes category at RISE, Northeastern’s annual Research, Innovation, Scholarship, and Entrepreneurship Expo. (2021)

Their project is titled “Ancient Stoic Techniques and Mental Health Today”. The group is led by Prof. Stump and investigates what it means to live philosophically. Congratulations to the students who developed the project, Kristie Chan, Alisha Karuvannur-Sandhu, Cooper Gould, Edie Olmsted, Jack Hoover, and Sheridan Lasher!


The Democracy and Social Choice working group won the 2020 award for best undergraduate project in the Humanities and Arts at RISE, Northeastern’s annual Research, Innovation, Scholarship, and Entrepreneurship Expo.


Their project was titled “The Primaries Project”, where they explored how different voting systems would have changed the outcome of the 2020 Democratic Primary. The project was supervised by Prof. Smead. Congratulations to the students involved in the project: John Edwards, Ameya Bhat, Shalese Jordan, Erik Mead, Emily Minor, Filip Musial, Mike Nelson, Rafi Nizam, Kamran Parsa, Alyssa Pascoe, Kate Petka, Alissa Plotkin, and Anthony Wiryaman.