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Ethics Institute Speaker, Lisa McLeod

Time: Starts at 12pm

Location: Renaissance Park 4th floor common room

Title: “How We Proceed from ‘Here’: Attending to Whiteness as License with Critical Phenomenology”


My forthcoming book, Unveiling the Color Line: W.E.B. Du Bois on the Problem of Whiteness, investigates Du Bois’s conception of whiteness as arrogant, irrevocable license. In this talk I offer a brief sketch of the book, then explain that Du Bois’s portrayal of white epistemic opacity troubles some common accounts of reason and cognition, suggesting that attending to (and overcoming the ills of) whiteness, for white people, may require forms of work articulated by critical phenomenologists.

About the Speaker: Lisa McLeod is a part-time lecturer for the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Northeastern University.

Ethics Institute Speaker, Brian Chambliss

Time: Starts at 12pm

Location:Renaissance Park 4th floor common room

Title: Attention in the Digital Environment

Abstract: Digital videoconferencing technologies (like Zoom) are now an unavoidable part of many people’s lives. And while they have expanded our ability to interact online, these technologies pose challenges to our ability to attend together in the ways that come naturally to many people during face-to-face interactions. This talk will examine one important form of attending together—joint attention—and some challenges that we face in jointly attending in digital environments.

About the Speaker: Brian Chambliss is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Susquehanna University.