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Research in philosophy and religion

Pursuing research at the university level makes our students knowledge-creators and develops their teamwork skills, and the discipline of mind that research requires is one of the best ways to learn to think critically. Northeastern offers countless opportunities for students to apply their classroom learning to the process of discovery: through honors projects, co-op and study abroad experiences, and a mix of university- and college-sponsored programs.

Through a combination of publications, research, teaching, and extracurricular activities, our faculty, students, and alumni share strengths in certain areas of research and engagement. Explore this section of the website to learn more about our areas of expertise. These are not necessarily concentration areas but are, instead, core areas of expertise that can be found at all levels of our curriculum and through the research and interests of our faculty and students. The Department of Philosophy and Religion offers many exciting and challenging opportunities to develop your interest, knowledge, and skills.