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Below are the learning outcomes for the PPE major, that are distinctive to it as an interdisciplinary major. That is, students will achieve many of the learning outcomes set forth by the different majors – Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics – and in addition to those, they will achieve the PPE specific outcomes. These include:

Skills Outcomes

  • Will develop the ability to form original arguments, provide support for these, and anticipate and respond to objections
  • Will develop skills in oral communication by presenting their views in formal class debates and presentations, as well as informal class discussions
  • Will develop the analytical skills to produce independently researched, well-argued and well-written papers across a variety of disciplines
  • Will develop the ability to combine different theoretical approaches and methodologies to better understand the social, economic, and political issues that confront us at the global, national, and local levels

Content PPE Majors:

  • Will become familiar with various moral and philosophical theories and attentive to the moral dimensions of politics and economics
  • Will become policy-literate and develop an understanding how systemic racism, gender, and other power structures have shaped law, institutions, policies and outcomes
  • Will gain an understanding of basic theories of economics, how the market and other economic institutions function, and the ways that racism, sexism, and inequality create an asymmetrical distribution of resources, power, and opportunities
  • Will be able to apply feminist, post-colonial, anti-racist, and other critical theoretical lenses to recognize structures of oppression, their genesis and impact, and how to dismantle them