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Welcome to the Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Program at Northeastern University. This program was launched in the fall of 2015 to enable students who have an interest in politics, economics, and philosophy to pursue a course of study that allowed them to engage with the interconnections of the different disciplines.  

In a complex and rapidly changing world, many students are interested in understanding both how economic and political processes shape our social life and how moral values can help us decide what world we want to create going forward. The PPE major allows students to not only pursue a course of study in each of the three disciplines themselves but to make connections across them in order to more deeply understand social phenomena, both domestically and internationally.

The PPE major additionally allows students to choose a concentration based on their interests, such as Environmental and Energy Policy, International Political Economy, Racial Justice, Law and Justice, or Public and Economic Policy, among others. As with all of Northeastern’s programs, there is a strong component of experiential liberal arts (coops, internships, study abroad, service-learning, and international dialogues) specifically geared towards PPE majors that will introduce students to different kinds of employment, reinforce classroom teaching, and assist in the development and advancement of career goals. PPE courses are taught by faculty members who are engaged in a wide variety of research projects and who are also interested in making connections between different disciplines.

In short, the PPE major is a very rich and exciting program at Northeastern––and a growing one. I extend a warm welcome to all students, both current majors and those interested in joining our community.