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Chetna Kuanr

Sociology PhD Student

Chetna entered the Sociology PhD program in the Fall of 2021. She holds an M.A in International Relations from The University of Chicago, an M.A in Political Science from Jawaharlal Nehru University and a B.A. in Economics (with honors) from University of Delhi. Substantively, her research focuses on examining the relationship between spatial and social boundaries to understand populism and social movements with a regional focus on South Asia and North Africa. More broadly, she is interested in theories of urban sociology focused on the Global South and combining computational methods and machine learning with qualitative methods. Prior to entering the program, she worked as a Research Assistant for United Nations Development Programme, and The Chicago Center on Democracy.

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Areas of Research/Interest: Urban and Political Sociology, Computational Methods, Poverty Populism and Social Movements, Global South  

Faculty Advisor: Liza Weinstein

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