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Christian Triunfo

English/Communication Studies, BA

Graduated in Fall 2020

When he was looking at universities, Christian Triunfo felt a connection to Boston and its amazing journalists and academics. “This really is a hub,” he says. “Part of what makes Northeastern great is the people. The accessibility to the professors is incredible. When class ends, I can just go up to my professor and have a really great conversation with them. I can go to their office hours and talk to them about anything and establish really nice connections. It’s an opportunity that should really be taken into consideration when looking at any university.” With its location, people, and co-op program, Northeastern University was a great fit for Christian. His journey at Northeastern began in Fall 2016…

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Christian Triunfo portrait

Christian’s Path

“I think English and journalism go hand-in-hand. I wanted to get a really structured education in writing and reporting. In the end, it’s really more than that. I get to read books I wouldn’t be able to read in any other classes. I get to meet professors in both departments. I get to study things I wouldn’t be able to in any single major.”

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