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Daniel Bowler

Sociology, BS

Graduated in 2020

Daniel Bowler grew up in Arlington, Virginia. Having grown up so close to Washington D.C., he had always been intrigued observing the work of the state and federal government. In his junior year of high school, he had the opportunity to take a sociology class—and he fell in love with the subject and the way it taught him to see and think about the world. He found himself thinking about what he was learning in this class all the time and trying to apply the concepts to gain new perspectives in his everyday life. When he was applying for university, he had no doubt that Sociology was what he wanted to study, and the co-op program further cemented his interest in attending Northeastern. Daniel believes that having social science degrees can be an advantage for people as they look for jobs in a variety of skills, however many social sciences students lack opportunities to exercise their practical skills, as well as apply their theoretical knowledge—Northeastern offers these unique opportunities. At NU, Daniel was a Sociology major with a minor in Criminal Justice, which allowed him to shape his education to prepare him for the investigative work in law enforcement that he longed to do. 

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Daniel’s Path

“The sociology program taught me how to develop effective arguments in my writing, how to write on interesting topics in a way that hooks people, and how to take feedback from others to improve on my writing. Because of all the writing I had to do, when I went out and tried to get jobs, I had piles of documented evidence to show people that I really know what I’m talking about. After graduating from Northeastern, I was able to immediately get the kind of position I wanted.” 

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